जलपूर्णेष्वसंख्येषु शरावेषु यथा रवेर् । एकस्य भात्यसंख्यत्वं तद्वद्भोऽत्र दृश्यते ।। उपाधिषु शरावेषु यो संख्या वर्तते परम् । सा संख्या भवति यथा रवौ चात्मनि तत्तथा ।।

In the same way that a single sun reflects innumerable times in innumerable bowls full of water, so diversity is seen in the world.


But just as there are as many suns as there are bowls, so there are as many selves as there are conditions for their appearance.


I have done many things in my life and they have all helped to shape who I am and what I do. I had a youth full of many missteps and detours. I then took a long path through academia where I studied creative writing, literature, and critical theory. I spent time at universities in Washington State, Maryland, and Washington DC. For some years, I taught composition at the George Washington University while working on my PhD.


Having long studied yoga philosophy and practice, I began to teach in 2007. My career in traditional academia came to a close as I became a father and focused on raising my son. Currently, I teach traditional Ashtanga yoga in Mysore style classes, as is done at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. I am a student of R Sharath Jois and do my best to teach as authentically as I am able. It is a driving principle of mine that all can come to study and practice yoga, regardless of age, ability, or injury.


I am also an enthusiast of photography and work on developing my knowledge and skills daily.

Ashtanga Yoga

I teach traditional Ashtanga yoga in Mysore style classes, with an emphasis on the use of asana as a tool for the latter limbs of yoga study. In other words, I stress the importance of using the physical practice to prepare for contemplative studies.


I am a photography enthusiast and you can view my photography work at my Behance ProSite or on 500px.

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